Dr. Levy is one of the best Chiropracter’s I’ve ever been to. I first went to him for headaches due to jaw pain. Which lead me to him for just about every other pain I’ve had. I have since moved from Reno but will not go to any other chiropractor. I live 5 hours away now and travel to him due to his wonderful service. Highly recommend!
Ashley Singh

Dr. Levy is AMAZING! I love that he is a one man band and takes his time with each and every patient. Explains what he does and why he does it. If you don’t want to be a number in an office waiting an hour to be seen when you have an appnt, I recommend a change for the WAY better!
Kim Coffey

I believe Dr. Levy is one of the best Chiropractors in south Reno. I was completely crippled up with lower back pain, and afraid of being manipulated. Dr. Levy was able to do a full treatment including the use of an activator, without manipulations. It was amazing. I could walk again after the first visit. He was very kind, gentle and understanding. I would highly recommend this Chiropractor.
Sierra Phillips Aramburu

I have had a knot in lower back for over 15 years, after multiple visits with different Chiropractors, Dr. Glenn Levy from Classic Chiropractic broke this knot up the very first visit. I highly recommend he and his services.
Sincerely, Robert Martin

Dr. Levy is amazing! He has helped me tremendously with my neck pain. He is very thorough and diligent in his treatment and does a great job explaining the process to you. It’s been a long time since I visited a chiropractor with this level of skill and care.
Kaley W.

Dr Levy has been the best chiropractor I have seen. I had lower back pain after lifting heavy objects probably wrong a few months back. During my first visit he explained how he was a one man office and took care of all billing and reminders(texts to cell phone). He has done a very good job of relieving my back pain and the billing has been faster than any other doctor office or medical facility I have been to. I really appreciate this as other places wait a long time to bill and then you forget what you were being billed for. If you want to see a really good chiropractor call Glenn Levy.
Mark W.

“Definitely worth the drive. I moved from Reno Nv to Santa Clarita Ca 3 years ago. I injured my shoulder to the point where I had no movement and could not sleep cause of the pain. I went to a local Chiropractor in my area and after the first session I did not leave satisfied, he was too inexperienced and I did not want to keep trying in hopes that I find a Chiropractor that could help. I called Classic Chiropractic because of a previous experience I had when I injured my back/rib area years ago. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Levy and from the very first moment I walked in and mentioned where I felt pain, he named the ligaments and muscles that are around the shoulder area, felt around, and found where the main pain area was, in that very moment I knew it was worth the 8-hour drive. After the very first session, I felt the difference, the pain went away, I had more movement, my sleep wasn’t as harsh and that was from the very first session. 4th session with Dr. Levy, my shoulder feels great, I have movement and best of all I can sleep cause I’m pain-free. Experience and knowledge count for everything. Definitely worth the 8-hour drive. Thank You, Dr. Levy.”
Alan R.

“When I got to town, I needed a chiropractor. Dr. Levy was recommended to me. I was surprised when he answered the phone and made the appointment himself. This is the kind of hands on doctor I was looking for. He is kind and professional. He has helped me so much. Instead of trying a quick fix, he wants to fix the real problem. I am feeling so much better after only 3 months of treatment. The numbness in my arm is almost gone. I also like that Dr. Levy explains every part of the treatment so you know what to expect. He told me the real problem so I could better understand the treatment. He is the best chiropractor I have seen. Thank you Dr. Levy”
Susan M.

“I have had major surgery on my back and I was seeing another chiropractor and he kept hurting my back when he would treat me. Then I met Dr. Levy and he has treated me for the last three years and he has relieved my back pain. And I will never let anyone other than Dr. Levy touch my back.”
Alvin G.

“Dr. Levy has the skills and knowledge to correct the most difficult chronic spine and soft tissue issues. I was very fortunate, as an equestrian, to locate him in the Reno area. I have been to the best, and he is at the top of the list.”
Merrily G.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Levy’s for 8 years and consider myself fortunate to have found him. He is friendly, upbeat, and accommodating to my schedule. The treatment received has been 100% effective. I go whenever something is out of whack and Dr. Levy fixes me up in no time. A few years ago I referred a friend to Dr. Levy. His medical doctor had recommended a neck surgery without guaranteed results and Dr. Levy’s treatment saved him from surgery and an extended recovery time. I highly recommend Classic Chiropractic.”

“Dr. Levy is professional and very knowledgeable. He passes that knowledge onto his patients. He makes sure you understand the source of the problem and how he’s going to fix it. He doesn’t just put a Band-Aid on the problem like other doctors. He actually fixes the problem. In a couple of months, he has fixed the numbness in my hands and I don’t have headaches everyday anymore. Thank you Dr. Levy!”
S. B.

“I have searched for years to find the chiropractor who would work on a post-operative neck! He knows that after surgery, mobility must be maintained. The operative site will stiffen above and below the plates and screws. My C-1 to skull causes headaches and even blurry vision. After my adjustment… I swear I can hear and see better, as well as avoid that migraine headache. I could brag about his adjustments all day. I seriously feel a bit taller when my mid-back is in place, thanks to some serious manipulations on his part. Taking a deep breath without discomfort. THANK YOU GLENN LEVY”
Traci A.

“Dr. Levy was able to help me through recurring hip pain by teaching me stretches and realigning my back. I appreciate his professionalism and kindness.”
Suzette S.

“I have injured my back a number of times over the years and working with Dr. Levy over the last year, we have eliminated most of the pain and I can stand up straighter and it keeps getting better with regular treatment. Thanks.”
Curtis S.

“Dr. Levy is great. He personally calls to remind you of your appointment. He is always on time with great service. He is friendly and caring. I have been with Dr. Levy since 2010. I will continue to see him and would tell everyone to see him.”
Tina S.

“Dr.Levy is great! He is very knowledgeable in his field. We came to him because a friend recommended him to us. I have felt much better since my ongoing treatment.”
Rob R.